New Truck Driver Trucking Employment Options

As a new lorry driver, you have many options when looking for a job as a lorry driver. As a new driver, you’re probably eager to hit the road and start your trucking career. Before you get in the cab of a truck, take the time to understand your options. For many new drivers, long-haul trucking is the gateway to the job market. For many, long-haul is the first choice, but for others it is a stepping stone to eventually finding a job as a local haulier with a smaller company.


As with any job, you have to start somewhere if you’re new. A career as a truck driver is no different. The reasons why new drivers start in long-haul or off-road trucking (OTR) vary, but for most it is a requirement that must be met before they can drive a truck for a small business and many local truck driving jobs.

Most trucking and delivery companies that provide local trucking services require at least two years of truck driving experience. Smaller trucking companies and many trucking companies that provide only local hauling require a minimum of two years of experience as part of their insurance requirements. Apply Now here. It is more economical to insure a truck driver with two years of experience and a clean driving record than a new truck driver with no experience. In addition, some insurance companies do not insure new drivers.

When considering employment options, weigh them carefully. When deciding on a job as a driver, do your research and check out each trucking company. If possible, try to find reviews from current drivers at that company. Another aspect to consider is the condition of the trucks. A trucking company that does not maintain its equipment properly is wasting your time and money while you are trying to make money.

Properly maintained trucks reduce your chances of getting fined during DOT inspections. Finding a job as a truck driver is relatively easy, as trucking companies are constantly hiring. Some employers may offer bonuses if you apply as a new driver. You should be careful about accepting a hiring incentive. Incentives usually come with conditions, such as a commitment to drive for a certain number of years. This can be good or bad. Trucking companies that offer incentives to truck drivers often have very high turnover rates. One has to wonder why their drivers leave so often.

The best advice for a new truck driver who chooses a particular company, or who is considering changing companies, is to decide which trucking company will best help you reach your destination. Whether it’s container, flatbed or closed trailer trucking, truck driving jobs are plentiful across the country. There are many opportunities available to you, and there are some great companies to help you get started in your truck driving career.